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Whether you're the freshest freshman, jockeying for your junior track, or grinding through grad school, you can always strengthen your information security. It may sound technical and complex, but if you've ever read an email, created a password, or asked someone for the Wi-Fi login, you're halfway to understanding how to keep your data safe from hackers. This page features the other half—resources and practical tips for defending yourself and your friends against information theft.


Backing Up Your Data

Learn about different data storage options and consider which options are best for your needs.

Device Protection

Learn general tips for keeping your physical devices protected from unauthorized access and other physical threats.

Internet Safety

Learn how to protect yourself from being scammed, tricked, or hacked while surfing the web.


Learn how to change your password, how to create a security question, and how to create passwords that protect your account.


Learn how to identify and avoid scam emails, texts, and more. Phishing scams steal personal info on a regular basis.

Social Engineering

Learn about methods criminals might use to obtain your information by building false trust.

Social Media

Learn what steps you can take to ensure that your social media accounts are protected.

Software Updates

Learn why keeping the operating system on your devices up to date is actually a very important security precaution.

Two-Factor Authentication

Learn how 2-Factor Authentication services like DUO protect your account from hackers and accidental access.

Virus and Malware Protection

Learn about the different kinds of malware that exist, and how to prevent, detect and respond to them.


Learn the difference between secured and unsecured Wi-Fi networks and how to be safe when connecting to a wireless network.


Report an Incident

If you think your device or information may have been compromised, please contact us for immediate help

The Phish Bowl

If you've received a suspicious email, you probably aren't alone - use this page to search current phishing emails that have been reported at BYU

Security News and Events

Up-to-date information and news about the information security industry
How to be Cyber Aware