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Brigham Young University (BYU) is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information within its control in a manner consistent with applicable laws, regulations, and university policies.

General Principles Guiding the Collection and Use of Personal Information

The university’s practices and policies regarding its collection and use of Personal Information should be open and transparent.

  1. The collection and use of Personal Information should be open and transparent to the subject individual.
  2. Personal Information should be accurate, complete, and relevant to the purposes for which it was collected.
  3. Individuals should be allowed to inspect and correct their Personal Information as required by law.
  4. The purpose for collecting Personal Information should be described at the time the specific Personal Information is collected. Only information necessary for the stated purpose should be collected. Any further use of the information should be limited to the purpose described at the time of collection. Personal Information should not be disclosed for secondary purposes without the consent of the subject, unless required by law, and should be securely destroyed or deleted when no longer needed for the defined purposes in accordance with BYU’s Information and Records Retention Policy.
  5. Access to Personal Information that is not publicly available should be limited to those employees with a specific need to access the information to accomplish the functions of their respective jobs.
  6. Personal Information that is not publicly available should be protected by reasonable security safeguards approved by the assigned Data Steward against reasonably anticipated risks, such as loss, unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification, or disclosure.

Privacy Fundamentals Training

Learn how we can protect and manage privacy at BYU.

Zoom Privacy Guidance for BYU

Statement addressing the privacy and security concerns of using Zoom for meetings and online classroom instruction.

Information Privacy Standard - Personal Information

Contains the internal standard outlining how BYU protects personal information.

Information Use, Privacy and Security Policy

Outlines the practices that protect the students, faculty, and staff's information privacy and security, following ethical, contractual, and legal requirements for information use, privacy, and security.

BYU Privacy Notice

Describes how BYU collects and processes personal information from students, faculty, alumni, and other BYU community members.